Q. How do I access e-resources off-campus?


Electronic resources (e-resources) are licensed for use by Red Deer Polytechnic students, faculty, and staff. Others can access these e-resources from computers at RDP Library.

E-resources include:

  • e-books, which are usually accessed via a link
  • electronic articles, which are usually accessed via PDF full-text
  • streaming videos, which are usually accessed via a link

TIPCheck this FAQ if you need to know how to use the Library catalogue to find e-resources.

Access RDP e-resources off Campus

When you’re off-campus, you'll need your iCard barcode and NEOS PIN to access e-resources

Method 1 (Off-Campus): Log into OneSearch

You can log into OneSearch by clicking on “Hello Guest” in the yellow band at the top of the search results page. Use your iCard barcode and NEOS PIN.

If you log in this way, you should not need to log into every individual e-resource you access during that search session.

Method 2 (Off-Campus): Login using EZproxy

If you haven't logged into OneSearch, or if you're accessing e-resources through an article database, you’ll use Method 2 (EZproxy) to log in. Use your iCard barcode and your NEOS PIN.

In this case, the login screen should look like this:

RDP login screen

Method 2 uses a piece of software called “EZproxy.” EZproxy is configured for RDP Library and allows the library user to login and access e-resources from a location other than RDP. Once you login through EZproxy, any activities you do in the database will go through the EZproxy server, and your access should be seamless.

EZproxy uses cookies to keep track of your session. These cookies contain only your session key, and will expire when you close your browser. If your browser does not accept cookies, EZprozy won’t work and you won’t be able to access our e-resources off-campus.

Your EZproxy login will expire when you close your browser or after two hours of inactivity.


If you're having trouble accessing e-resources from off-campus, try our top four troubleshooting tips:

1. Ensure you're using the correct website to log in

Login through RDP Library’s EZproxy. If your login page looks like this, you're in the right place:

RDP login screen

Do not attempt to log in through a publisher's website.

publisher login screen

Your RDP iCard barcode and NEOS PIN will not work on publisher’s websites. If you log in directly to a publisher’s website, you will probably have to pay for access.

2. Clear your cache

If you're having trouble logging in, try clearing your browser’s cache and then logging in again. This solves many issues since the problems are often related to cookies, stored in your cache.

3. Use the correct URL

When you access e-resources off-campus (through EZproxy), a special URL is created; that URL is only valid for one-time access, during that one particular session, so it’s important that you don’t save that URL to access the e-resource at a later time (or to use in your citation). If you want to save an e-resource for later access, or for use in a citation, use the permanent URL, often called a permalink.

OneSearch e-resource showing the permalink location

4. Download VMware

RDP students, faculty, and staff have access to a virtual desktop environment called "VMware." VMware replicates your on-campus computer experience from the comfort of your own computer. When you use VMware, you can access e-resources as though you were on campus, without logging in.

See our FAQ for information about downloading VMware.

Looking for information on accessing e-resources at Red Deer Polytechnic (on-campus)? Check this FAQ.

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