Does the Library have a photocopier I can use?


Yes! Any of the Library's printers can be used to photocopy.

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Placing Your Original Photocopying Costs
How to Photocopy Photocopying Help
Commonly Used Settings  


Placing Your Original

Placing Your Original in the Feeder

If your original is letter-sized (8½" x 11") and not bound or stapled, you can place it in the feeder on the top of the printer.

Your original should be placed face-up in the feeder, with the long edge touching the rollers, as in the image below. Multiple pages can be placed on the feeder at once.

Pages that are damaged, folded, wrinkled, stapled, or clipped together should not be placed in the feeder, as they may become jammed.

Paper in photocopier's feeder, ready to be scanned

Placing Your Original on the Glass

If your original is not letter-sized (or is unable to be placed in the feeder due to damage, binding, etc.), you can lift up the top of the printer and use the glass.

Your original should be placed face-down on the glass, touching the top-left corner (as indicated in red on the image below). The left and top edges have guide lines to help you correctly align your original.

Paper placed on scanner, showing correct alignment

How to Photocopy

  1. Log in to the printer using your RDP username and password.
  2. Select Device Functions, then select Access Device.
  3. Select Copy.
  4. Change copy settings as needed.
  5. On the keypad, type the number of desired copies.
  6. Press the Start button to begin copying.

Note: If you are scanning multiple pages on the printer's glass, you will be prompted to place the next original once the first has been scanned.

Commonly Used Settings

For help with any settings not listed below, ask Library staff.

The photocopy settings screen on a library printer


By default, the Color setting is set to Black, which will create black and white copies.

If you would like to do a colour copy, select Auto Color.


This setting determines what size of paper will be used for your copy. By default, the printer will attempt to automatically determine the size of the item you are copying.

The printer can automatically detect the following sizes:

  • Letter (8½" x 11")
  • Legal (8½" x 14")
  • Tabloid (11" x 17")

If your original is not one of these standard sizes (e.g., a book or an ID card), you will need to manually select the paper size from the above options.

Duplex / Combine

If you are photocopying by placing your item on the glass, or if your document is one-sided and you would like the copy to be two-sided (or vice versa), select the appropriate setting:

My document is... I want the copy to be... Correct Setting
One-sided One-sided 1Sided > 1Sided
One-sided Two-sided 1Sided > 2Sided
Two-sided One-sided 2Sided > 1Sided
Two-Sided Two-sided 2Sided > 2Sided

By default, when your original is placed on the glass, your copies will be one-sided.

Photocopying Costs

The cost of photocopying using the Library printers is the same as the cost of printing.

Photocopying Help

If you have questions about photocopying at RDP, ask Library staff or visit IT Services' Portal and search for 'photocopying'. If you don't find the information you need, log in with your RDP username and password to submit a support ticket.


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